Your family is your first teacher, advisor and guide. They nurture and support you, providing you with tools to grow and succeed. At SIIT, we are a family. We cultivate an environment inspired by traditional values. We offer a learning atmosphere with high quality programs tailored to ensure your success. SIIT is here to support you and ensure your success – just ask one of our students!

“The instructors are invested in you and your learning experience. They work with you, not against you, to help you be successful.”

– Zoey Petit,
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer graduate
Hometown: La Ronge

“There’s so much support offered within the institution. It’s a place where you can be yourself and I haven’t experienced that before.”

– Violet Swan, Business student
Hometown: La Ronge

“All the instructors and staff are here to support you 100 per cent, and if you’re giving it your all, they will give you their all.”

– Chelsea McCallum,
Mental Health and Wellness student
Hometown: Regina

“The staff and students and resources here are amazing, the atmosphere has that definite ‘home’ feeling.”

– Brandon Roy,
Mental Health and Wellness student
Hometown: Ile a la Cross

“Going to SIIT is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve had nothing but positive out of it.”

– Morgan Kalk, Business graduate
Hometown: La Ronge

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