Can I afford it?

We know getting an education is a big investment. We are here to help you find ways to financially support achieving your goals.

Indigenous student funding

If you are a status First Nations student, you may apply for funding as part of the treaty right to education. You may be eligible for funding through the Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP) or the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS). To learn more about these funding opportunities contact your First Nation or Tribal Council. This funding may include your tuition, student fees and living expenses. Should you be denied funding, it’s important to get this in writing as it will allow you to apply for alternate forms of funding. Please contact your First Nation or Tribal Council for more information.

If you are a Métis students, you should contact your local Métis organization to inquire about available financial supports, including support available through the Employment and Social Development Canada’s Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy.

Early application scholarships

All students who apply by March 1, 2018 for a program offered in 2018-19 that is 32-weeks or longer, will be entered to win one of three $2,000 scholarships. The three selected students will receive the award if they are registered and in good standing as of September 30, 2018.

Eligible programs include all Business & Technology and Health and Community Studies programs, as well as the following Trades & Industrial Programs:

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)
  • Power Engineering
  • Process Operation Technician
  • Welding Certificate

SIIT awards and bursaries

There are a wide range of awards available to SIIT students. Our generous sponsors allowed us to distribute almost $400,000 in scholarships in the last academic year and this number only continues to grow. Depending on the award, scholarships and bursaries reward academic achievement, encourage the pursuit of education leading to employment and provide monetary assistance.

Once you are admitted into a SIIT program, you are able to apply for SIIT awards. The awards application is available once per year, so watch for award deadlines. Deadline to apply for SIIT Awards for 2018-19 was on October 5, 2018. If you have additional questions about awards at SIIT contact

External Scholarships

Below is a list of scholarships you might be eligible to apply for as an SIIT student.

Student Financial Assistance

The Government of Canada provides information and tools to help you finance your education, including the Canada Student Loans Program, grants, scholarships, and provincial and territorial student financial assistant. You are encouraged to visit the Student Financial Assistance website for more information.

You can also contact your bank to inquire about a student line of credit.

If you have any questions to the options above, or need further assistance finding supports such as financial aid, housing and childcare in pursuing your education, please contact Shawna Worm at 306-477-9323 or

“The scholarship funding I received last year made all the difference for my family and me. To other students considering applying for scholarships: tell your story, why you are here, talk about your goals and what drives you. Scholarship providers want to help you!”

Dilynn Hunter, a Business student in Regina, received six scholarships in 2016-17. Dilynn is from Kawacatoose First Nation.

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